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The digital TV provider and package that is right for you will depend on what you want from digital TV. If you wish to pay the minimum amount for digital TV, then Freeview is the cheapest digital TV provider as it does not require you to subscribe to a package and only incurs a one off cost for the set top box. Your Freeview service can then be supplemented with additional channels by subscribing to Top Up TV. Other digital TV providers also provide basic low cost packages. Providers like Sky Digital, Virgin Media and Tiscali all offer competitive digital TV packages and also offer other services like broadband internet, home phone and two way interactive services.

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Another factor that can affect which digital TV provider you sign up to is which digital TV providers are available in your area. Digital satellite TV covers the whole of the UK but your ability to receive the digital satellite TV signals may be impaired if a building, tree or other object blocks the line of sight between the minidish and satellite. As digital cable TV is transmitted via cables, to receive digital cable TV you must live in an area where one of the cable digital TV providers has installed a cable network. The area that digital cable TV covers is always growing and about 15 million homes in the UK already have access to digital cable TV.

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To find out if you can get Freeview, go the the Freeview website and use their postcode checker to find out if Freeview is available in your area. UK coverage for digital broadband internet TV is limited at present, but there are plans to expand services. To receive digital broadband internet TV you would also need a phone line and live in an area where the local telephone exchange is broadband enabled. Switching on to digital with If you are a bit overwhelmed by the choice offered by digital TV providers - don't be. The digital TV comparison service makes finding the best package as easy as switching on the TV. We give you the opportunity to compare the packages offered by the digital TV providers available in your area.

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