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Pros and cons of broadband and phone packages!

One of the biggest advantages of broadband and phone packages is that they can save you money as many bundled packages work out to be cheaper than paying for the two services separately. Strong competition between providers means that the price of broadband and phone packages is coming down and there are great introductory deals available, with some even offering free broadband or phone calls. In fact, if you switch to getting broadband, home phone and digital TV from the same provider, you could save up to £220 a year. Getting your broadband and phone from the same provider is also convenient - you get one bill and make one payment, so there's less to keep track of. With some providers, you can also get bundles that include digital TV, mobile phone and/or mobile broadband.

How can phone package is right for me?

Whether a broadband and home phone package is right for you depends on many different factors. Think about the kind of calls you make and how you use your broadband, then compare deals to see if there is a package that meets both your home phone and broadband needs. You can also compare home phone and broadband deals separately with topmagiczone.co.uk, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal for you. If you can't find a bundle that offers exactly what you need, then it may be best to get your broadband and home phone from separate providers.

Broadband Calls + HD TV

Free Sky+ HD box & free wireless router with inclusive off-peak calls. Choose 1 free TV pack. HD pack costs £10.25 a month
Online exclusive: free Sky+ HD box, M&S voucher & set up + free broadband & calls.£50
Speed 20Mb
Download 2GB
Contract 12 months
Monthly Cost £30.75

Orange Mobile

Dolphin £25 Blackberry Data (24mths)
BlackBerry Bold 9700 Black contract deals
Tariff 24 months
Minutes 200
Handset cost free
Monthly cost £25.00

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